Here's what students have had to say:

Kenny's ability to connect with students is unparalleled, and his genuine care for others is so clear even within moments of meeting him. His ability to blend stories, knowledge, wisdom, humor, and sincere care for others makes him an outstanding and engaging teacher, and I will always carry many of the lessons I've learned from him. Kenny's mentorship has truly been essential in my growing up and I am very grateful he has been in my life.

SCIS Hongqiao -- Class of 2020

Kenny has a talent for using fun, seemingly meaningless activities to talk about serious topics. In my opinion, it's what makes him a captivating speaker for the youth. His talks always leave me captivated and in awe.

YCIS Puxi -- Class of 2021

Kenny truly has a gift for interacting with and counseling youth. He is able to act as a supportive authority figure while simultaneously being relatable and easygoing. He is incredibly wise, and has played a large role in helping me grow into the young adult that I am today.

YCIS Puxi -- Class of 2020 Valedictorian

School presentations can be boring sometimes, but Kenny's talks are the least agonizing I have experienced. Lots of laughs, occasionally magic... and helpful analogies that I implement in my life.

Wellington College -- Class of 2025

I love Kenny's humor! He always finds a way to crack me up when I feel moody. My life is so much better with him around.

Wellington College -- Class of 2027

Kenny is really talented with engaging both large and small groups of people, regardless of age. Not only are his games engaging, but he pays close attention to ensure everyone has a chance to participate.

SAS Puxi -- Class of 2021 Magna Cum Laude

What parents are saying:

Kenny has a special gift to communicate with teenagers in a way that a parent or a teacher cannot do. He has had a positive influence on our boys and serves as an additional role model that teens need other than their parent. Having Kenny in our life helped smooth over many teenage crises and brought a lot of peace to our family.

Kenny is completely dedicated to seeing youth grow in character and his investment in our sons over the last four years has been such a blessing to our family.

Arie & Milena
Parents of students at Wellington College and Britannica International School

Kenny Ly is a gifted communicator in general, but few people are able to connect with and influence the lives of young people like he does. His impact to the lives of young people in our community is immeasurable.

Parent of students of SUIS Pudong

We've had the opportunity to see Kenny first-hand interacting, teaching and leading youth in our home and community. He truly has a unique and special gift in being able to so quickly and easily relate to and build bonds with youth and teens. As parents, we've been able to see and learn from him to better enable us to communicate and engage our boys in a more effective way.

Dennis and Vicky
Parents of students at Concordia

What teachers and youth workers think:

Kenny has a contagious passion for positively shaping the lives of youths. Whether it be during group games or one-on-one mentoring, he has the incredible ability to connect, encourage and empathize. While speaking to large groups he is able to take deeper concepts and present them to youths in bite-sized ways that keep them engaged while also challenged and excited to learn more. It is a privilege to work alongside him.

Teacher -- SHSID

Having Kenny as our camp speaker was the highlight of our students' year. We left our retreat engaged with our mission and unified as a group. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker that connects with students at whatever level.

Youth Director -- Washington, D.C.

Each experience I've had working with Ethos has been outstanding. They bring a deep understanding of how people learn and grow, and pair that with a tremendous sense of excitement and fun. Your students will learn a lot, and love it!

Director of Student Life of a youth residential program in California, USA